Hypnotherapy helps stranded boy fly back from Dubai

A 12-year-old boy stranded in Dubai by an extreme fear of flying has finally arrived back in the UK. Joe Thompson’s family spent £40,000 on cancelled flights, phobia therapy and accommodation during their unexpected stay. Joe’s family had planned to move... read more
Ben Affleck has hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Ben Affleck has hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Ben Affleck sought the services of a hypnotist when wife Jennifer Garner told him to quit smoking before Christmas. The ‘Argo’ director’s wife Jennifer Garner was so sick of his nicotine habit that she insisted Ben take the drastic steps to quit once... read more

Hypnotherapy helps mother kick Diet Coke addiction

This week the Daily Mail reported on the story of Claire Ayton who had been drinking an astonishing seven pints of Diet Coke a day, for ten years. Claire’s love of fizzy drinks cost her £1,300 each year. Claire decided to seek help from her GP as a result of feeling... read more

Coldplay used hypnosis to record their new album

Coldplay experimented with hypnosis during the recording of their newly-released fifth album Mylo Xyloto. Ex-Roxy Music producer Brian Eno suggested that Chris Martin and his band try playing under hypnosis in an attempt to tap into their creativity. Original article... read more