Breaking a bad habit


Forming Habits

Habits are formed through repetition. When we do something regularly, there comes a point where we no longer have to really think about it. There are many things that we do habitually that make our lives easier. For instance, cleaning our teeth before going to bed at night or getting dressed in a particular order.

Breaking Habits

However, we can also establish undesirable habits (such as smoking, nail-biting, unhealthy eating or drinking habits, teeth-grinding, hair-pulling, etc) which may be difficult to break. This is because our unconscious mind is maintaining the habit on ‘auto-pilot’.

Hypnosis can be a very effective method of helping us to break habits, because it enables us to communicate with the unconscious mind that’s controlling the habit. What’s more, on the occasions where undesirable habits are fulfilling an emotional need, hypnotherapy can help you to replace them with healthier, more desirable behaviours.

Smile Hypnotherapy can help you to change a negative behaviour or habit. What’s more, the treatment programme will help you to break the cycle of stress and anxiety which often cause bad habits to form in the first place. This means that you will benefit from feeling generally more relaxed as well as habit-free.


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